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What A Vine Typeface You’ve Got There!

Although I’m posting it today, this is actually from 2 weeks ago.

In my garden the conifer trees are being leeched onto by a vine-type plant. My parents hate it so naturally, I love it. So much that I decided I wanted to create a typeface from it, so I did. I used some paving slabs from my garden as the backdrop. This is the 3rd typeface I have created (mince meat being the first and ice lolly being the second), and all 3 have been more experimental than functional!

I don’t really like how it turned out, that’s why I’ve been reluctant to post it but thought that I can only learn from it. I only just realised that I disliked it so much I deleted all of the close up pictures of the individual letters – oops! So all that is left of that evening is this…

They are all lowercase letters but lets be honest, if I hadn’t arranged them in order then you might not have been able to guess all the letters correctly. Some might say this is the beauty of it, and others might not. The idea and creative intentions were there anyway… 🙂

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