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J’adore… Robert Bolesta

Almost a year ago I started the BTEC ND Graphic Design course at Kings Lynn and the first proper project that we were set was to design a Shakespearean play poster. We picked play titles from a hat so it was fair and I picked ‘The Merchant of Venice’, which I had never heard of. After reading into the play’s story and themes I had a clear idea of the setting and style of the play.

A part of the play that I picked up on to be a main theme was the gambling of a pound of flesh (aka death). Obviously this creates a strong visual and so I decided to go with the bloody, gory kind of look. My tutor brought to my attention a font made from meat by an artist called Robert Bolesta. His font was meat letters in the packaging you would see mince, chops and other meat products in at the supermarket.  As a font, it’s not much use… you can’t write an article in the ‘Value Pack’ font but it is a great visual… it’s just art really. See for yourself below:

How great does it look!? The stickers are a great detail, wouldn’t you agree?

I love the use of the meat typeface on this front cover of meatpaper (a meat lover’s magazine?), with the use of ‘meat’ instead of ‘meet’ 🙂 It makes me smile!

Just incase you’re interested, my meat font can be found here!

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