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J’adore… Marion Bataille

I know my blogging performance has become shockingly non existant this month, but as always I have the perfect excuse/person to blame; the male species 🙂 (note the smile)
Yes, it would appear I am under the spell of a gentleman… so blogging has taken a back seat for a little while!

HOWEVER there is no doubt that my passion for all things Graphique is still very strong, only the other day I found myself drooling over a book. But this was no ordinary book! Found here, it’s a youtube video of an alphabet pop up book by Marion Bataille

How actually amazing is that?
Of course it is the genius produce of a French lady, as this simple equation will explain:
Female + Parisian culture = WINNER

It went into publication in October 2008 so its like a classic now, nearly a years anniversary and all! If anyone wants to celebrate the years anniversary of it’s publishing then feel free to buy me it 🙂

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