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Reading Festival 2009

I had given up hope of going to Reading Music Festival this year, but my friend Nadia hadn’t given up on me getting a ticket, and with good reason. I think I actually now believe in fate. The boyfriend had a spare ticket!! Did I mention he is amazing? 🙂

Anyway, as always I like to try and show you the fun I have had but also what REALLY happens at these festivals! Last year (2008) I brought you a picture of a toilet with a big poo on the seat… [PAUSE] No actually I didn’t show you the picture, but I will now:

So yes. Isn’t that a lovely sight!? That’s what went down at Reading 2008.

Back to 2009 now. I did NOT forget my design roots; there are many examples of interaction with Graphic Design topics/elements (please note – some of these captions have been adapted to fit the purpose! Infact most of the weekend was NOT dedicated to Graphic Design, sadly!)

I explored letterforms at Madina Lake (M for Madina Lake)

We compared brand packaging aka bottle of alcohol! (Lambrini from glass bottle tipped into a cheap Tesco plastic bottle means alcohol onto festival site without any questions asked!)

Squeezed in a quick bit of graffiti art (Dry shampoo to clean his beard)

We observed the latest in road signage design (Navigating)

We studied some magazine layout essentials (Light reading inbetween bands)

Had a critique about the Reading logo in which I expressed my thoughts of how rubbish it is! And also about the colour blending technique used on the bridge banner – yuk! Did someone design it in Word Art!? (Serious about this though!)

And after all that Graphicy/Arty activity we even had time to enjoy the music and do a few other fun things…

Accessorize festival waterproofs effectively

I tested out the banana skin theory – they really ARE slippery!

Learn how to cook the perfect marshmallow (the fire is actually lit btw)

Once again, a great time! The perfect end to the best summer yet 🙂

And to top it all off my favourite quote of the festival was ‘I know packaging!’ said by myself to the rest of the group whilst debating what the Monster Munch crisp packaging looks like.

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