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J’adore… Oscar Diaz

I am so fed up with the normal boring calendars we have and so will you be after reading THIS POST! Boy, what a treat I have for you here!

This is not only Graphic Design genius, but also Scientific for all you geeks out there! Who said that science couldn’t be beautiful anyway?

This beautiful new way of knowing what date it is uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper. The numbers are beautifully embossed onto the paper, so they can be seen faintly until the ink is soaked into them. I love how the process is described: The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are “printed” daily.’
Printed daily? What a great way to describe it! It reminds me of like a plant almost, just growing everyday.

And how cute is this?
‘The ink colors are based on a spectrum, which relate to a “color temperature scale”, each month having a color related to our perception of the weather on that month. The colors range from dark blue in December to three shades of green in spring or orange and red in the summer’ – I want this calendar! So maybe at the back of my mind I have doubts about the timing of the ink and wether it is totally accurate, but it is still an amazing idea!

This work is on show at Sala Juana Mordó, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (Spain) until 11th October 2009, but if you don’t happen to be passing Madrid then you can find out more about Spanish designer Oscar Diaz here at his website!

Some words taken from here.

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