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J’adore… Ana Serrano

Ana Serrano’s Cartonlandia is totally my cup of tea!

It’s cute. It’s colourful. It’s minature. And most importantly it’s made from cardboard!


Why don’t towns look this good in real life? My town is so dull compared to this recyclable mount 🙁

The attention to detail is what really makes this work, which could otherwise be dismissed as a school class’ project, special. Ana Serrano has obviously spent many hours of joy crafting this little town, telegraph poles included! It might look a little rough around the edges in some parts but I think that just adds to its character, right?

I made my own little house back in year 12 (in AS Product Design) and it was cute; a yellow A-frame cottage complete with flowery window boxes, outer walls covered by creeping ivy and kept cosy by a log fire inside. I’m pretty sure I have thrown it away because well, you can’t keep everything but it just brings back good memories 🙂 I wish I had kept a picture!

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