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J’adore… Bela Borsodi

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!: I am NOT going to pay for any eye tests so read this post at your own risk!

Bela Borsodi’s Alphabet typographs (typography photographs) are so eye boggling, wouldn’t you agree?

What I love about this work is that it’s a bit like what I would imagine its like being on drugs! I, of course, haven’t been stupid enough to do drugs so cannot be sure BUT what I mean by this is that you can look at the pictures and your eyes go funny and start zooming in and out. Of course the photo subjects are 3D but this is not how the letterforms are presented – they are 2D! So I find my eyes going crazy when I am looking at certain details especially on the letters A, L, H and T. If you go here to to Bela’s website (click on editorial I and then WAD #39 – Alphabets) you can see the letters a bit closer up so in more detail. Now, you tell me your eyes aren’t going crazy too!? It’s great isn’t it? 🙂

I found his work while browsing random bits and bobs – you might know how it is? You look at one thing, which leads to you finding something else and then you end up about a million clicks away from where you started 6 hours ago! It happens to me all the time, which is a good thing btw because I find great stuff like Bela’s work! Anyway, I first came across his stuff here and you should check out the other great finds on there!

P.s. I already said I wouldn’t pay for any eye tests 🙂

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  • lestaret

    10/09/2009 at 10:06 pm

    Awww, Man! Isn’t it nice when you find another typo nut? We are not alone…

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