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J’adore… Mike7

‘Mike7???’ You say? I haven’t discovered his actual name yet (I think it’s Mike Hoho but not sure) but he deffinitely needs a mention in my J’adore!

Take a look at this sweet piece of typography and tell me what it reminds you of? (HINT: my header) Yes, that’s right! This is like something that was about to come out of my brain but then I realised it had already been done! It’s beautiful!

I really like that the rest of the photograph is black and white; I think this helps the flowers to stand out a lot more and make it 10000 times greater than it already is! 🙂

Mike7 has also applied this floral collage style to the word happiness (below) but I’m not so much of a fan of this one. I think it could be the use of uppercase letters making it too bold possibly?

Mike7’s flickr can be found here and his website here.

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