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Extra Strong Mints

…. this post has been blank for 2 days now and yet, it has had 20 views! 🙂 Although, I have found out that most of these may just be from Mr Skinner refreshing the page haha

But anyway, my blog decided to go into some kind of spaz mode so I wrote this post out and then published it and it came out blank! BUT it’s fixed now so yay :)… on to the post!

Not LAST WEEK, the week before we started the Advertising unit of our BTEC course. Working in pairs, we was set the task of advertising Trebor Extra Strong mints to users of the London underground. Not such a hard task right? Well no, who wants to have smelly breath when you are in such a confined space?!

HOWEVER, sometimes it is quite hard to understand a different ‘social group’, let alone sell something to them! Sophie and I were given the target audience of ‘The Old’. We interpretted this to mean the golden oldies/ nan and grandad/ pensioners/ 60+ with the old peoples homes, bingo and smelling of a combination of wee, lavender and roast dinners – THE LOT! You COULD say we had been fairly stereotypical with our ‘thought shower’ of ‘The Old’, but they are all relevant observations!

Anyway… due to our brilliant team work and dedication (we even came into college on our day off!) we produced some good (or so I say so myself) ideas! Each advert had to include a picture of the packet and a strapline/ catchphrase. Here are my 4 scamps from our 7 ideas:

(I would just like to quickly point out that because these were drawn on A3 I have had to photograph them and then tamper with the brightness/contrast to get a bit whiter)

Scamp = a quick, rough drawing enhanced by marker pens/colour btw so don’t complain about the scruffiness!

Just incase you’re curious, Sophie’s ideas included a bit of mocking the Queen (kinda), using the extra strong mints as rollers in an old ladies’ hair and a scenic lake view(all separately of course).

My personal fave is my Mint-Tea Fresh idea… which is your fave, if any? Don’t be shy! Comments are ALWAYS welcome! Infact, I would even go as far as saying that I LOVE comments 🙂 So make a poor student happy, go on 😉


  • Beth :)

    10/10/2009 at 11:52 am

    I like the top two: Mint-Tea Fresh and Extra Strong (walking sticks), but the top one is definitely my favourite 😀
    I miss doing this sort of thing 🙁 Haven’t done any advertising projects in a long while 🙁 Bit suckish lol
    Beth (the other, slightly-less enthusiastic designer lol)

  • graphiquefantastique

    10/10/2009 at 2:21 pm

    Thanks Beth!
    Yeah, my fave is the Mint-tea fresh idea, but the rest of my class didn’t seem too keen!
    Awww, do some self initiated stuff if you miss it that much? You can do MY advertising projects if you like? haha
    Slightly-less enthusiastic!? What happened? 🙁

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