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J’adore… Martin Pyper

Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited by this one!
Not only is it typography, but its MADE FROM playing cards! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

I haven’t really expressed my love for playing cards very publically until now, but I do really love playing cards!
I have been trying to fit them into a project for a while now (I tried to fit them into my The Merchant of Venice project I had at college last year but it didn’t really work out) with no luck… and then I found this yesterday on Behance and banged my head on my desk! Why didn’t I think of this!? SUCH a  great idea – did I mention I love it!? 🙂

So some of the letterforms are not QUITE perfect but ahhhhhh! This is such a great idea by Martin Pyper! I think it’s also quite fitting that I have discovered this at the same time that I am having a bit of a Lady Gaga phase… with the whole Poker Face thing.

I think the use of the odd picture card is a great touch 🙂 LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s so Ace 🙂

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