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This year at college for our ‘extra award’ we are doing Printmaking with Neil Pittaway (whom is a master Printmaker when he’s not teaching at college, click on his name to visit his website!)

We are going to be using the College’s printmaking facilities for the first time… opening up Mono printing, Screen printing, Etching, Linocutting and other printing techniques to us. It’s a bit daunting if I’m honest. I really admire people who linocut (from my experiences in the Relentless project) and I really like the St Bride’s Auction poster, by former COWA student Toby Burkill, which is screen printed I believe but I know that these processes require precision and patience… which I’m not sure I have.

Sure, I like things to be spot on, perfectly done but I don’t think I really have much patience… so I’m not sure printmaking is gonna be my thing really. Of course I’m going to try LOADS because I want a good grade and I want to produce some great work, but I just want to cover myself now by saying: ‘I think I am going to suck at printmaking!’ Haha

We are sharing the Printmaking session with the Photographers, with whom there has been some mild rivalry about whos subject is better – Graphic Design OBVIOUSLY! 😛 But I think most of that has disappeared now and let’s hope that sharing with them will create some interesting work (we also share Image Manipulation with them on the Tuesday afternoon)

ANYWAY…. We did some monoprinting the past 2 weeks and they turned out ok-ish. I drew/painted a donkey onto a metal plate and then used the big press to print it. I didn’t quite get the ink thick enough so it smudged quite a bit meaning it looks a bit like a big blob but it was only the first attempt so I can let myself off, right? Practice makes perfect afterall!

At the moment we are working our way through the different printmaking processes with the theme of ‘Mapping Space’ which is apparently pretty much anything aslong as it shows there is space/depth. At the moment I am thinking of doing something to do with Typographic Portraits/ Type faces (faces made of letters/type). I have been doing a bit of research and this is the kinda thing I’m looking at doing:



I’m thinking it would work with some famous faces/ iconic photographs e.g. Madonna, Marilynn Monroe, Lady Gaga, but I haven’t really decided yet.

For the second part of our project, we are creating an A2/A1 poster amd re-designing the logo for ‘The London Original Print Fair’. I have NO IDEAS for this yet but I’m mainly focusing on making the first task brilliant for the moment! Wish me luck!

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