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How To Sell A Brick

….When you find out how to, let me know 🙂

The next advertising challenge involves selling a brick for leisure purposes! It’s a group project (thankfully) and I’m working with Danielle and Julius – we are the team to trust!

It’s a 3 week project, and we are now into the 2nd week. Last week we brainstormed and presented our initial ideas and scamps. The ideas that have made it through to ‘bootcamp’ are:
– Fruit Crusher/Squeezer
– Pet Coffin
– Novelty All-Purpose Brick
– Ecological Brick

At the moment, my personal preference is the Fruit crusher/squeezer idea. Mr Skinner insightfully gave us an idea to turn it into an upmarket kitchen appliance, more about the design than functionality. He used the example of Philippe Starck’s Salif fruit squeezer:

I will update you a bit more when we have had our group meeting on Thursday. We (most of the class) are going to visit Norwich University College of Art on Wednesday! 🙂


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