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J’adore… Craig Ward

I always start these J’adore posts in the same way ‘I came across this work when…’ but I promise, that is actually how it happens! I just stumble across these great artists and then I get hooked looking for hours on end hah

Craig ward is no exception, although I have had this planned as a draft for nearly 2 weeks now – I need to get back into blogging at least a couple of times a week I think.

My favourite pieces of Craig Ward’s work include:

I love this mix of hard computer generated type with the random blood whisps… It is a bit gross really, but not as gross as his hair type!

Euk, that makes me shudder a bit! Anyone else?

I’m finding myself liking Printmaking more and more now, and I really like this… it reminds me of Mark Andrew Webber’s work which is FAB 🙂

It just occured to me that I could do this kind of thing for my Printmaking project for which we have been given the title ‘mapping space’ – it would be perfect!

I found this aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago but I didn’t know who was responsible for it until I saw the original photograph of the white text on the wall on Craig’s portfolio site.

And last but not least, this is in my mind just what Graphic Design is all about… making work literal

You may think ‘what a waste of a piece of glass’ but that is the beauty of it 🙂 ahhhh

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