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This post is dedicated to my college tutor, Mr Skinner/Lestaret.

At college they are quite big (obsessive, stupidly particular, unreasonably picky) on health and safety and since we use scalpals to cut mountboard, cardboard, paper, our fingers(joking) etc we need somewhere to dispose of our blunt blades because they’re metal and they could still be sharp/dangerous. Mr Skinner has created a device for this purpose: a jam jar with a slit in the lid.

But when we visited Lincoln on Saturday, Tom pointed out something that puts Mr Skinner’s scalpal safety box to SHAME!

Isn’t it an industrial scalpal safety box beauty?? I hope Mr. Skinner appreciates this… it reminded us of you 🙂

Also, something which is quite funny is that it looks all safe and stuff doesn’t it?? Well I pulled the lid up to see how easy it was to get into and it nearly fell off the wall! haha!

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  • lestaret

    04/11/2009 at 9:44 pm

    Ha ha ha! We have been asking for proper sharps bins for years and they won’t buy any because they are expensive! We have to take our coffee jar of used weaponry and empty it in the sharps bin in the Nurses station!

    I love the fact that it nearly fell off! That’s such a H&S kind of thing to do!!!

    Well spotted. No extra marks though.

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