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Printmaking: Inking and Printing Etching

I predicted/hoped yesterday that we would be printing our etching plates in today’s Printmaking lesson – and YAY we did! 🙂

I scanned these in, but I don’t think it really does them any justice… they look a lot better in person.

I’m quite happy with how my print had turned out – I had 2 gos technically because Neil used my plate as an example to show everyone.

Next week we are doing Linocut printing – my favourite, NOT (If you remember, I attempted linocutting a couple of months ago for my first year major project and I am SO pants at it! I really admire anyone who is skilled in the linocutting technique – Mark Andrew Webber)! I’ve brought some lino home with me today so I can practice and have my design cut out and ready to print next week! I really want to do a strong design so it looks amazing for my portfolio 🙂

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