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CollegeGraphic DesignPhotographyPenguin Book Covers: Image Manipulation

This project is nearly at a close now, with the deadline looming (like it seems to be for just about everything!) I have some work to show!

Basically the brief was to create a book cover in the style of the classic Penguin series, using 3 randomly wikipedia generated subjects. My 3 subjects are: Telephone, New York City and Madison. We then had to search for a life source image and along with 2 other (1 photographic and 1 non photographic) self generated images, do some weird stuff to it (Image manipulation is the title of the unit) and create something interesting.

This means not just taking a photograph and putting as a front cover, but cropping it in unusual compositions to create a story to our random words.

Here are, in my opinions, each of my best results so far, although they are still not quite ready!

I have found this project quite hard because I usually create quite clean designs, but this has called for grungey, mysterious, unusual shapes and patterns to be created.


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