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Printmaking: The proof is in the print

Yesterday I printed my first linocut – when I say my first I mean I haven’t PRINTED before, I have linocut before and failed miserably!

I think it turned out quite nicely; I chose a bright blue ink which really stood out next to the black ink my friends used.

You will need:
– Lino thats been cut with your design
–  oil based relief printing ink
– a scraper thingy to get it out of the tin
– a glass sheet to mix your ink on
– a roller for applying the ink

Just to clarify, those aren’t my hands – they are too hairy! Neil showed us how to roll the ink on evenly before we had a go

All inked up 😉

Ready on the press… (it stands out against black doesn’t it?)

…. printed! Woop!

And then, because I’m good, I cleaned my lino with turps!

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