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Creative Faces

I work at a chinese restaurant, and something has been bugging me for weeks.

One of my jobs before we open is to clean the salt, pepper and toothpick trays. I do this every Tuesday, and for a while now I have been seeing a face in the arrangement!
It was very co-incidental/odd/perfect when at the ucas fair last week, a student at Leeds College of Art and Design told me about a ‘creative faces’ competition that is running at the moment! The prize is a Digital SLR camera! How cool is that?  So, I managed to take a sneaky picture last night and have submitted it:

Who else can see the cheeky face sticking it’s tongue out at you?
(Click the picture to go to the site and check out my competition)

I had a look at the competition and the majority of entries are photos of people or animal faces, which I don’t think is very creative really… so hopefully I will be in with a chance!
You can enter upto 3 times, so I have 2 gos left… watch this post for updates on any more faces I see!

ALSO, let me know if you submit any faces!


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