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Printmaking: Embossing with Collagraph

In our Printmaking sessions we are drawing to a close with introductiosn to the processes a.k.a we have nearly learnt the ones we will need to produce our final print (an A1 poster for the London Original Print Fair)

Today we did collagraph printing, which is basically like creating a stamp. I did my name (which Luis said was unoriginal but ohwell) in different letters from different fonts, and I like it.

I’m not sure which style it reminds me of though, any help?

Me and Sophie used the press to emboss our ‘stamps’ onto card first, then experimented with a plastic coated card, newsprint, brown paper and glossy paper.

Then I varnished my ‘stamp’ so that next week I can apply ink and print with it, which I am looking forward to! 🙂

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