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Take A Looky At My Booky(s)

So yesterday afternoon I continued on adding to my series of books (which I still haven’t named yet! – I must get around to this soon!)

Last week I did not take pictures of anything but I can tell you that I decided to have a go at making a hardcase japanese stab bound book so I was making my hard covers!

Yesterday they were nice and dry and ready to be bound, so I pierced my holes and got on with the sewing. It’s quite an easy process but it’s hard to pull through the holes, I snapped my thread a couple of times! And Voila:

My first Japanese stab bound book! (name to be decided)

This isn’t actually my stictching though, Mr Skinner re-stitched it for me after I did it all on my own but forgot to do something which meant it wouldn’t be tied off properly… but I did stitch this one, top right hand:

A soft cover japanese stab bound book which I had started in the last post!

Here is my series so far:

And now Mr Skinner has managed to fit Bookmaking into our assessment criteria so we have been set a proper project! This is to create a book with content and using some non-bookmaking materials. So basically something unusual and interesting. I am still undecided on what to do for this, but I need to get a move on really seeing as the deadline is our last day before christmas, so the 18th!

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