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Typographic CD Design Cont…

My CD Design has really developed since the last post; I’m almost finished now!

I have mainly been working on the front and back of the fold out poster and aligning the inlay image with the CD image. This is because I have chosen to use a compass as the main image on the CD face and then match it up on the inlay tray. Hopefully the printer won’t affect the alignment, but I have a feeling it will, even after my constant measuring to get everything to match up!

The inside of the poster looked like this last time:

and then I decided I didn’t like the childish bright colours so changed it to match the rest of the minimal greyscale colours:

and THEN I decided the layout was too confusing and not organised enough so I re-arranged it all:

I realise some parts look really faint, but they look different when printed out

I based it around this picture of contours:

I looked at using a compass image for on my CDs and liked this one inparticular because it is different to normal compass images:

I put it in Illustrator and live traced it, but it didn’t come out as clean as I wanted it to so then I constructed it myself using shapes and lines:

I have tested out different colour combinations e.g. light design on dark background, dark design on light background etc and have decided that I will use a white background and then match the design colour to the 3 shades of grey that I am using for the spines of the CDs (Adante – light grey, Moderato – medium grey, Allegro – dark grey)


I have also used Illustrator to create some map key symbols to add to the map feeling. I have used them on the back cover to highlight the production and design credits etc and have also used them like they would be displayed on a map (randomly) on the inside of the poster. I selected them from this map key:

I looked at other map symbols but did not want to use any which suggested too much human interference as my map is more a snowy environment so won’t have a lot of  human settlement features. I chose to use the cave, hills, swamp, tower/fortress and windmill symbols.

I used these edited map symbols to add character to my poster and make it seem more map like.

Here are the final layouts for the front side of the poster, which include the front cover(bottom right), middle pages( top left and right) and back cover (bottom left) of the booklet:




Close up of front cover CD1 (below):

Middle pages of booklet CD1 (below):

I’m having a bit of trouble with the alignment when printing the back cover and inlay back to back and stuff… as I discovered when I printed it out on card yesterday thinking it would be my final… it was ok there are a couple of tweaks I want to do to make them perfect though!

Here are my final designs for the back covers… which I am going to tweak and then re-print, again!



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