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Winter Gothic Fashion Shoot

I haven’t blogged for nearly 2 weeks now! Crazy!

I’ve finished college for christmas now so have been doing some shopping, wrapping and snapping(photographs).

The snow has caused a lot of hassle the past couple of days but I wanted to look at it more positively; people forget it’s rare for England to get a good lot of snow so stop moaning and start enjoying! Parts of America seem to deal with it being snowy ALL year – we only get a couple of inches!

The snow looks beautiful with the blue sky we have been getting here in East Anglia so I planned a photoshoot with my sister and popped across the road to our local church and cemetery to shoot a Gothic style fashion shoot. It was bloody cold, but worth it (or so I think)!

Let me know what you think, did we capture the gothic atmosphere?

And after a hard day of posing we watched a pretty sunset


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  • Anonim

    23/12/2009 at 1:00 am

    I don’t really know much about gothic style, but I think you get there, because a fashion is about sacrifices and you really sacrificed your self’s in a freezing weather. I like your faces in a first photo it clearly reflects a cold and gothic look in your eyes.
    And I love it black and white one,photo really captures the gothic mood in there and a figure of your looks great as well.

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