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Typographic CD Design: Finished!

I realise this is a little late now, afterall I handed this project in the 15th December! But I just remembered that I didn’t actually blog the final outcomes… and I am in the blogging mood but don’t really have anything interesting to post at the moment.

That is the final look of CD2 – Mozart Variations Two – Moderato

I nervously took my CDs to the local HMV store and asked if I could take pictures of my CDs in situ… first to be told no and then I asked a manager and she said yes 🙂 Moral of the story – ask the manager and ignore the little people.

I say nervously, because I didn’t expect them to say yes so I was going to chance it and try and take pictures without getting caught/looking suspicious. But then when they said yes I was then nervous because I had to get them out AND back into my bag… in the classical music section… surrounded by old people… looking down their noses at me. I got some odd looks, but made sure I thanked the manager afterwards to make myelf feel less criminal.

Can you spot them?
I think I did quite a good job, but won’t get too excited just yet – haven’t got grades back!

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