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Printmaking: Printing with Collagraph

Yes I realise on December 1st I said ‘next week I can apply ink and print with it’… and I did, but everything got so hectic with the CD Design and Book Design deadlines I just forgot to blog the results…

After using my collagraph to emboss I couldn’t wait for the varnish to dry so I could ink it up… and it was worth the wait – I love this printing technique!

The first inking – Oooh how exciting!

The first print – Oooh!

Then I got a bit more adventurous – it still had some blue ink left on it, but I re-inked it with red too! (Not all parts, just some… going for a fading effect kind of)

The unveil… Oooh how exciting – I can see some parts are purple from where the inks have mixed 🙂

Oh, I DO like this… what do you think?

Then, if you didn’t think I could get any more experimental… you were wrong! I re-inked and placed squares of scrim onto the collagraph, making sure that they overlayed in some places…

I always like lifting it up to have a sneaky peak 🙂 and voila:

Now, I decided it wasn’t quite finished. I didn’t want to just stick it down to a piece of paper to keep it in tact either, so I raided the bookmaking box and used some thread to loosely sew/stitch it together around the edges. I used small crosses/ cross stitch (X) in some of the overlapping places to add a nice detail and complete the handmade feel of the piece 🙂 I got ink all over my hands, wrists and desk at college but managed not to get any on my clothes so bonus point for me I think 🙂


What do you think?
I’m gonna take some better photos of this but I haven’t decided how would be best yet… keep watching for an edit but still comment on what you see now of course 🙂

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