J’adore… Greig Anderson

Greig Anderson is Effektive; ‘an independant design agency based in Glasgow’ – and he ROCKS.

I love pretty much everything I have seen on the website and blog so far…

Especially the mailer which makes me really excited/ nervous about having to rpoduce my own in the future if this is what I’m up against haha 
(If anyone would like to buy me one for £6 as a late Birthday present… be my guest!)

I also really like the Lego badges to celebrate 50 years of Lego:

How awesome are they?

And I also thought that this is worth showing too:

A xmas ‘card’ created in his time at ‘There’ in Sydney. Using Post-it notes, Merry Xmas was created on a studio wall,  photographed and then printed as a poster. They also included one of the actual xmas themed post it notes with the poster – which I think is a lovely touch.

I have such a long way to go yet… I can only dream of doing work like this in the future!

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