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Printmaking: It Was A Screeny Weeny Black and White Print

As the additional Printmaking award is coming to a close (start on Multi-disiplinary soon) it was about time to do the main poster! It has to have some kind of printmaking element to it… so we could produce most of it digitally but I decided that I would like to Silk Screen my design. This meant that I had to learn the process though because we hadnt been able to fit it into the lessons… so today I spent 4 hours screen printing!

First, I printed my digital design onto accetate and next, I found a screen big enough… A2 and some more!

I used the photo sensitive paint next, applying it to my screen in a dark room.

I left it to dry for about 25 mins and then I sellotaped my accetate onto the front of the screen.

I used the ‘magicians cupboard’ in the dark room with the UV light on and left it until the light went out (you can see it coming from underneath the door)

Then I removed the accetate from the screen and used the pressure washer to blast away all the slime… and then I left it to dry for 10mins-ish

Then I applied a line of black ink at the top of my screen (with paper underneath the screen)

I used a squeegie to press the ink down the screen and through onto the paper

And voila! A print.

It’s going to take me a few goes to get it perfect though… I did about 10 prints yesterday and it was either over inked or under inked or both…. not perfect yet 🙁

Practice makes perfect though!

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