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Printmaking: Lets get colourful

For my Printmaking final piece I have been set the task of producing an A2 poster and logo for The London Original Print Fair. So far I have learnt how to screen print to make one layer of my poster – the information section (view here)

Last week I was having a tough time getting the ink perfect, but I managed to get a print of the right ink level so then I looked at the time and decided I needed to get a move on if I wanted to complete my poster on time! (The deadline has now been moved back slightly, bless Neil, but I think it will still be close)

As my design was basically black and white I decided that I wanted to add some colour. I had seen (and loved) the D&AD award winning St Bride Auction poster by Toby Burkill & co. (Toby is an ex COWA student and we have the poster in our studio at college so I can view it all I want!) and decided that strips of colour could help to brighten my poster up and make it stand out more. So this Tuesday I got an empty screen, some brightly coloured inks and a squeegy and was off!

I chose pink, mint green and purple for my first go… and after it had dried, after a lot of hesitation, I went for it and printed the black design over the top… And to make things worse… a crowd had gathered!

There we are; genuine horror in my face haha Everyone else is as cool as a cucumber!

Halfway there…

…. and underinked 🙁 Eurgh! How frustrating! So I tried again…

And ruined it 🙁 Well, it was under inked anyway.
So then I tried again, this time using yellow, orange and purple…

Slightly overinked 🙁 However, I might try and computer edit it!? Ahah!

But then… what is that…

A smile! Yes… a print I am happy with, finally!

But this one was pretty much perfect (text legibility wise)… I know that the bottom part is not quite printed but I think this is a nice reminder that this is a hand printed poster and so won’t be perfect! What do you think?

Next time on ‘Printmaking’: The finale, as I print the logo! Dun dun dunnnnnn – yes, just another thing that is yet to under/over ink 🙁 haha

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