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Advertising: De ja vu – Think :Don’t text and drive campaign – TAKE TWO

Who remembers this?

Well… 2 days before the advertising project was to be handed in an accident occured with my memory stick (I leant my friend Sophie my memory stick to get some printmaking pictures when she deleted my advertising project folder because she thought it was her memory stick)… so I didn’t have anything to hand in and I lost the PSD version of the above advert so could not edit it because PNGs don’t have layers!

So I’ve had to start over again! Including finding decent source images – the main one I’ve managed to find but I can’t find the background image that I used last time!

After a couple of hours on Photoshop this afternoon I’ve got this far…

Not 100% on the top background image but just trying to decide on the text (which typeface and how big) and logo positioning first…

I;m looking at Gill Sans because it’s nice and clean and looks official, if you get what I mean – looks like something the government would use? I like this layout (above) but all the THINK! drink driving posters have the THINK! logo and then ‘Don’t drink and drive’ underneath it e.g:

…so I looked at setting it out the same, like this…

Probably need to align the text a bit better, I’m not sure though… any thoughts?

P.s. I like this better than the first attempt. I have flipped the image so that it is now a ‘British car’, although I know I would find it really hard to text with my left hand… but nevermind!

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  • somethingclevergraphics

    11/02/2010 at 12:15 am

    i think the gill sans is a much better choice than the other one [broadway?]

    i think the “think” needs a lot more editing, where its been live traced, the purple eats into the letters.

    but its looking really good tho, think its a great concept!

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