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V-Day, Hearts & Flowers & Cake & all

I can honestly say that yesterday was the best Valentines day ever (yet)… simply because it was the first PROPER valetines day. 
Without trying to sound all old, Valentines day is a disappointment when you’re young. Boys are immature and don’t make an effort – they don’t buy girls flowers or chocolates anymore, not even to say sorry. I’m not an old fashioned girl, but every girl wants a gent to whisk her off her feet deep down inside, right? 😉
In past years I have said that the reason I don’t recieve anything on Valentines day(although once I did recieve one single red rose which cost £25!!!!)  is because I don’t celebrate it as if you ‘love’ someone then you should let them know EVERY day of the year, not just one! And it’s basically just so that the card shops can fill the gap inbetween christmas and easter!
But when you have someone to share it with, you take a slightly different view 🙂

Don’t worry, I didn’t give money to those greedy card shops though – me and my boyfriend decided we would make gifts and cards, which you would think is great for me because I’m arty… but it’s so hard making stuff for boys!

Anyway… I made a card using some scrap mountboard from my portfolio and some bookmaking stuff that was in our (old) studio:

I decided to make it something special and book-like..

I even hand-bound it 🙂

Ta-dah…. simple but detailed… hearts & ribbons & all

Next… the present! I decided to bake a cake, because apparently the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

With help from my sister, I baked a normal Victoria Sponge cake… with buttercream and jam filling.
I drew a heart onto the cake with some icign sugar to help me get a good shape….

…Then I cut off the parts that weren’t needed!

Voila! A heart shaped cake! I then added icing…

… which admittedly, is quite patchy but we ran out of icing sugar and added too much water so it dripped down the cake… but nevermind!
And for the final touches; pink icing 🙂

And there you have it; my boyfriend’s valentine’s heart shape cake present – which tasted REALLY sweet haha

And what did he make me? A bunch of flowers 🙂 Which is actually quite funny because when I told my mum we was making presents for each other she replied ‘What? Is he going to make you a bottle of wine? A bunch of flowers?’ Well… yes! haha Bless him.

It took him like 4 days to make them from tissue paper and garden wire… and he’s not an arty person but they are very good aren’t they?
And better than a real bunch of flowers because they will last forever! 🙂

Purple sand!! :O

So yeah, I’m rather impressed – anyone else?

Did anyone else make a present/card this valentines day? Or recieve something handmade? Let me see..!?


  • Anon

    15/02/2010 at 11:23 pm

    I am extremely impressed with the flowers he made you!! He must like you very much!!! The use of the vibrant colours really makes them stand out. Its an almost perfect composition and the colours compliment each other, are you sure he has not studied art before?? Its a shame you did not put as much effort in as he did for you. I hope you don’t disappoint him next year

  • lestaret

    16/02/2010 at 11:16 pm

    Valentines day! Pah! Everyday should be Valentines day – if he really loves you, he would make these every day!!!

    Only joking! Good luck guys, and remember these moments in the future when you are arguing – it’ll remind you why you need to compromise…

  • Nadia

    19/03/2010 at 6:44 pm

    You two are so cute! Bless Khaleel, who thought you could turn him into such a sweetie haha. Tash that cake looks so good, feel free to make me one for my b’day lol xx

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