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Corporate Identity: Nuttall & Cowell Domestic Removals

As a Graphic Designer, Corporate Identity is going to be a large part of my career (assuming that everything goes well anyway haha)… but to be honest (maybe I’m a little TOO honest, if that’s possible?) it doesn’t really excite me at all. Not at the moment anyway. I know that not every project will be really exciting and I won’t love everything I am paid to do… but I just really am not excited by this yet. Hopefully it will change once I get my teeth stuck in a bit more…

Anyway, due to the mass of work I’ve had on recently I haven’t posted any development posts (you might not have even known about this project unless you have been reading Danielle’s blog?), so it falls down to this Tuesday of February half term for me to update everything and try and get my brain a bit more excited.

So the first week we picked our names and businesses from a hat and Nuttall(my surname) & Cowell(of Danielle Cowell, not Simon!) the domestic removals company was born.

I spent the next 2 weeks sketching ideas, looking at existing companies (their logos, colours, presentation) and took part in some class critiques to reach decisions.

After sketches and ideas had been developed I moved onto screen and into Illustrator.

Initial ideas:

After playing around with different ideas I developed 3 final proposals to take to my client (Mr Skinner)

Number 1:

Client feedback: likes the ampersand style and positioning, aswell as the house silhouette created with the arrows
Designer feedback: I don’t like the ampersand! haha

Number 2:

Client feedback: the white cross looks too religious (Christian)

Number 3:

For Number 3 I actually just presented the bottom option, but after my ‘client meeting’ developed it a tiny bit further to the arrow on the top instead of a plain square.

Client feedback: nice positioning of the ampersand, need to combine the house silhouette from idea 1 (shown below)
Above is the final version of my logo.

I then started looking into ways that my logo can be used. By this, I mean thinking about how it will appear on letter heads and vans – changing the colours to make it appropriate.
I like the brown… what are other’s opinions?

As part of this work, I needed to look at how my logo could be used in black and white for best effect. I experimented with black and white outlines in different strokes etc

I found that using a thicker stroke for the outline of the ampersand and arrows worked well and allowed my logo to be clear down to a small size


This is it so far… I print screened everything on Illustrator before finishing college for half term and hoped I had got the full process; I think I did pretty well!

Keep watching for more on this project as the next stages will be applying my logo to items (lorrys, uniforms etc) to create the whole feel for my company, Nuttall & Cowell.

PLEASE leave COMMENTS – critical, supportive, helpful, questions… anything! You can only help me 🙂

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  • Aaron Skipper

    16/02/2010 at 3:54 pm

    I think the arrow and ampersand combination has a lot of potential, but with the arrows facing in opposite directions, it almost suggest the company will never progress, or even move your items anywhere. Also the ampersand seems a little awkward in its positioning. Perhaps a different typeface is required, so it can sit better within the arrows. One last thought, if you wanted to go with the double arrow idea, how about manipulation of the tt or ll within your names? Hope this helps x

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