Me, the technophobe: Time to try the Ipod

I recieved an ipod (nano?) for christmas from my boyfriend… but haven’t touched it since, until today that is.

He has been moaning and asking why I haven’t used it yet; ‘don’t you like it?’ and ‘is it because it’s orange’? (No, I like the orange) I am being honest when I say, the reason I haven’t used it is because I was a bit scared of it.
I know, I know… EVERYONE has an ipod these days – nothing to be scared of, infact they should be embraced because they are such great technology. But.. I don’t like itunes. I hate it. This is quite a weird thing for a Graphic Designer to say, right? Stereotypically Graphic Designers love macs! But I haven’t ever used a mac and I don’t like the look of them, everything is so packed away and I like everything how I’ve got it right now on Windows! So not me, I prefer good old Windows Media Player 🙂

BUT today I have installed itunes, installed the ipod, signed up to the itunes store thingy and synced all my songs – and then unsynced them too 🙁 So I’m now re-syncing everything haha

So yes, just thought I should blog about this whilst everything is syncing back on. And also, if you like Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’ (which I am actually IN LOVE with – thanks to Sophie for introduing me to this girl’s music), I found it for free on the ‘The Derby RAM FM Watts On Guide’ podcast 🙂 I’m looking for other bargains but haven’t found any yet, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

He bought me a speaker too so I can play away and turn off my computer so no facebook/blogging distractions from my college work 🙂 He is lovely.

Anyway… I’m going to explore and what-not…

(Just previewd this post and wow – how unusual for me to post in only text, my posts are usually pictures galore!)

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  • Thomas Engelke

    16/02/2010 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks for all the useful posts. They really helped me ! You just got a new subscriber now!

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