J’adore… Sarah Hankinson


Back in September 2009 I was just starting a typographic CD project. At the time I was looking for fashion illustration imagery showing use of ink and watercolour, and I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for… doesn’t it always happen like that? You see a lot of something and then when you need it you can’t find it? Well anyway, I really like the fashion illustration style so often search behance, flickr and other sites looking for talent…

I came across Sarah Hankinson when looking at a Photography blog, funnily enough, as she had drawn a version of one of the photos:

The original photograph by She is frank:

Sarah Hankinson’s Illustration version:

And I just fell in love with it. So i checked the rest of her work out at http://www.sarahhankinson.com and was not disappointed.

I wish I could draw like this! Such detail and tone but such simplicity!


I love how she adds just a small part of colour to brighten it up. And I also really like the paint splatters and how you can see the different water marks 🙂

I also love the mixing of collage and ink drawing.

 and also (last one I promise) I love how this illustration is so rough and messy but so perfect at the same time. It’s just J’adore Sarah Hankinson.

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