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J’adore… February Packaging Special

Last time I did a packaging ‘special’, I said I would try to do one every month – that was September 2009! So that didn’t go too well, but nevermind… I’ve had other things on my mind, but packaging in the background 🙂

Strangely, my computer doesn’t like thedieline website anymore so I have been using Lovely Packaginga bit more, and also have been taking the opportunity to look at packaging at college under the packaging project we are doing at the moment (Kombucha bottle re-design –  which I went to hyperlink just then and realised I haven’t actually blogged about that project yet! Haha… oh dear I am losing my mind! TBC) so quite a bit of the packaging featured this time is bottles.

First up… this needs no introduction.

Jack Daniels. Mmm. How great is this? Simple, classic and type tasty. I think it’s a great way of presenting the information in the bottle shape, and the cut out of the bottle shape with part of the label design showing (not the actual bottle). Yep. J’adore this completely. Not so much the taste of Jack Daniels though… I’ll make you a deal – you can have the bottle and I’ll have the box haha

More alcohol here… but a bit more my taste – Malibu. I don’t really think it is clear until you understand the background to this design (by Shoes Up magazine – a bit more of a clue) but love the shoe box idea. Although, not sure anyone would be using shoes for walking after consuming all of the drink!!??? 

And more alcohol… 


I’ve never tried Bombay Sapphire – what does it taste like? I love this box though, especially the so-called ‘waste’ of card using all those layers. Ever heard of art, people? I’m all for saving the earth but I think a lot worse things are happening in the world than Bombay Sapphire producing a small amount of packaging… really. We need something to feast our eyes on after all this gloom about us (humans) destroying the world anyway. Not sure about the illustrationy bits of this, but I love love love the layers. Kind of reminds me of a camera zoom? haha

Yep, more alcohol, but this is purely about the bottle 🙂 Eeek! This makes me squeek haha I love the circle type arrangement. I love the use of different sizes of text. I love the use of different numbers of lines. I love the simplicity. I love the lines that softly section the text. I love the angle of the sections of text. I love the addition of the star and it’s position. I haven’t seen the back of the label, but I think I can see its basic outline vaguely in the bottle, do you see it too? I fear that it lets the design down, so I’m not going to google it and ruin it for myself!

Ooooooh! These are so cute! I love the unusual shape. I love that they stack up. I love them when they are placed on their side slightly most, as in so that the lid is not vertical. I don’t really have any love for the label design or that it reminds me of honey… not water. Anyone else? It’s nicer than a bottle of Volvic anyway!

Before you think it… I do have something other than bottles… may I introduce you to the world of bottle fashion – bottles want to look their best too!

thedieline has packed up on me and I can’t remember who did these but oh! they are fab! I think I remember reading they were made my students using one single sheet of paper – pretty impressive! Sophie in my class had a go at making the one on the left… and I wore it around college as a tiara, look -> Graphic Designers’ future crowns & birds eye view) – Don’t worry, they are used to me turning up to lesson with weird things in my hair (exhibit A) haha.
When I saw the one on the right, I immediately thought: Lady Gaga! Her dress sense is crazy but brilliant, and I especially love this dress by Theirry Mugler, which I have found pictures of her in 3 different versions (all as fabulous as each other).

I love her!

And staying with origami style, I found this beautiful way of wrapping a bunch of flowers from Student Nimrod Gavish here at Lovely Packaging.

I’m not too keen on the label, I think that the hexagonal shape (below) is so much nicer… don’t you agree? I do like the use of the forward slash as a line break though… inkeeping with the diagonal lines – clever!

 The triangle texture is so lovely 🙂 Ahhh I know what it reminds me of now… The Eden Project.

I’ve never been, but would like to one day(has anyone been? Is it as amazing as it looks?). I think I prefer the triangles to the hexagons, but I love the bubbly-ness!
Back to the packaging…. It’s a bit weird with the flowers I guess, because flowers are soft, feminine etc (you know what I mean) and the wrap reminds me of architecture, metal, strength and things quite opposite to the flowers. An interesting mix, nice, none the less.

I saw this forever ago… before the last packaging post infact, but forgot about it – oh dear.

These are gift boxes for H&M (faaaaaavourite shop) by student Linn Gustafsson, which were intended for gifts. I never saw these in store, but the Christmas just gone (Dec 2009) I nabbed some gift boxes from the Peterborough store which had a newspaper style (some italian body copy – not Lorum ipsum though!) but I haven’t attempted to assemble them yet – they look really confusing! Some more of Linn’s work – Aomori apples (Japanese special apples)

These next two are a bit similar in a way… you will see what I mean:


Gelati Sky: Come on, that is the most exciting packaging I have seen for Lemon Sorbet – EVER! They are usually very boring, but I love this. It is random, but it works, or so I think. They are fresh and trendy, and really different to everything else you will find in the frozen desert (why does that sound SO American? hah) aisle. I don’t know if I like the sound of Honey-comb crunch gelato (what the hell is it!?) but this is one of those items I would buy just for the packaging – it’s like a collage so basically it’s art 🙂 Plus, the lids are like kaleidoscopes: this is COOL!

My favourite thing about this packaging is that the design is on the corner – genius! It works perfectly with the kaleidoscope style pattern, and I love how they fit together when next to each other on a shelf – I would buy one of each just for this purpose 🙂 Not keen on the typeface used for the name (teaset) but I do love how it has been positioned on the box (tea in the hideous typeface and set in san serif, and then reversed.)

I think that’s enough for now? I will add in links to where the packaging is originally on thedieline when my computer decides to let me get packaging-horny or the next free minute I have at college – don’t count on that happening! Hah! 

Plenty for you to ‘mmm’,’oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ (and ‘eeek’ if you are me) at… share any thoughts!

Comment, comment, comment!

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  • somethingclevergraphics

    27/02/2010 at 10:18 pm

    i love the paper bottle wraps. where sophie went wrong, she cut it into a triangle, when its a square/diamond. also loving the bombay sapphire.

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