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‘Saturday night at the movies…

…..Who cares what picture you see?
When you’re hugging with your baby in last row in the balcony.’ 

Yes, I know it’s Thursday… but who remembers that song? Because I do… and I don’t know why? Reminds me of Primary School…? :S Don’t know lol

Anyway… I’ve had this post drafted since the 10th of February, and yet here I am the 25th of March lol

This project was handed in….. like 2 weeks ago? Nevermind! I’ve been busy!

The task was to take 2 movie posters: 1 from before 1950s and 1 from  after 1999 and swap them over… I chose to  ‘Up In The Air ‘(2010) and  ‘The Shop Around The Corner'(1940)… So I had to do Up In The Air as if it was from 1940 and The Shop Around The Corner as if it was from 2010! Yeah I know… Gets a bit confusing!! 

Up In The Air


 First, I had to find some decent size images to work with from the film…. 



Next, I started working on the type. I used the existing letters and then made the rest I needed from those I already had (if you get me?) 

I think I did alright…?

Then I had a look at the title… 

And then I played around with the layout…  

I saw this promo vector version of the advert and decided it would be cool to add an aeroplane silhouette to my poster…   


.. getting there…  


Next, I took this picture and painted the background using a brown watercolour paint…    


Then I applied it using the layer blending options…  


And hey presto!

It’s o.k but I feel like it’s too simple?  

Do you agree?

The Shop Around The Corner


The idea was to create a situation in which I could edit the film title into…. so after looking at some images of flower shops (which is the scene of the story) I decided to use the window/ door as the main image and edit the title onto the glass… like opening times in the picture below: 

However, that was going to be REALLY hard! So I opted for a slightly more realistic idea – a sign!
I looked at some open/closed signs to get a feel for the style and used this one as a basis:



Ta-dah! But it didn’t feel quite right… so I turned it green and made it into a proper sign using some card and string:
I popped into the local flower shop (which coincidentally happens to be on a corner! hah) and asked to borrow their window display to take a picture… and luckily they said yes! 🙂 They were really lovely and helpful… buy flowers from them here!


 I took LOADS of photos… like 100 haha Trying out different angles, and trying to not get people walking into the reflection etc
I got a few weird looks – this shop is on the main road of Kings Lynn so there was plenty of traffic going by! Nevermind!
Anyway I got some good shots and due to the sun being out (rare in February, right!?) I got some really nice reflections which help to make it look more real – well it IS real but you know what I mean?
Then I decided that I would need to have a go at putting some text on the glass anyway… and had a bit of a play aroudn with some different fonts etc…

 and in true Blue Peter style… here’s one I made earlier:

What do you think, could it pass as a real modern movie poster?

 Which poster do you like more – Up In The Air or The Shop Around The Corner?

 Oh and I might aswell ask, do you prefer the original poster or my version? hah

I prefer my modern poster (The Shop Around The Corner) out of the two I have done… what do you think?

Comments!??? 🙂


  • lestaret

    25/03/2010 at 9:23 pm

    Nice to have you back on the blog! Some good work here Nutty…

  • graphiquefantastique

    25/03/2010 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks Chris, it’s good to be back 🙂

  • Aaron Skipper

    01/04/2010 at 7:52 pm

    I think your modern poster is a lovely image, but it does lack visual consistency with the original. I guess it depends how restricted the brief was. You could have perhaps produced an image looking at the shop window in a similar layout to the original poster, and looked at the depth of the flowers to link to the figure/plane relationship. And why have you not used Helvetica!? Really like the Clooney poster, I think you’ve got the style spot on, only things that spring to mind are why is there an extra image in the bottom right instead when you could have used the supporting text from the other poster. I’ve just realised how much I’ve written and it was probably after your deadline so I apologise!

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