And I will admit…

..that I am a disappointment of late!

You might have noticed… but I have been indenial – I thought I could catch up! My 365 has crashed. I made it to 45ish (we are now day 94 of 365) but I found it really hard to keep taking an interesting photo everyday! Especially when I started to get more swamped with college work! So yes. I admit I have failed with that.

ALSO, Thursday marked the first time of another failure – I missed a project deadline! I’m really disappointed with myself because up until now I have always completed everything on time (other than advertising but that wasn’t my fault!) but I made the decision that I wasn’t happy with it and there was no point handing it in incomplete… so Packaging hasn’t been handed in! 🙁

On a happier note, I did get a Distinction for my Printmaking module 🙂 So I’m pleased with that… and I now have this Easter holiday to sort out my final pieces for the Multidisciplinary module

So this Easter holiday will consist of:

and FMP ideas

Aswell of some blogging – a measly 5 posts in March! Pfft! April must be better!

And I am promising myself that this time will be different to all the other holidays! Usually I just laze about, and get out of practice with work and then try and cram everything I need to do into the weekend before I go back BUT you wait… I will be posting all of this week with project developments etc even though I have no Photoshop or Illustrator *sob*

I am excited about Multidisciplinary… though I have so many ideas and so little time! 🙁 Watch this space!

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