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J’adore… April Packaging Special

I am still armed with enough packaging goodies to post, only a month after the last packaging special! 🙂

So, let’s start with something striking…

You can’t deny that black and white is just striking! Blink sparkling wine bottle is striking, elegant and fashion conscious – stripes are supposedly slimming AND Nautical is IN at the moment 🙂 Annnnnnd my favourite colour is purple 🙂

Here are 4 words I never thought I would see in the same sentence: Pentagram for Budgens/Londis
WHAT?!!??? Pentagram + Cornershop(Londis)/supermarket(Budgens) vodka = Disbelief
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the work… it’s simple but illustratively beautiful… but its for Londis/Budgens!? Fairplay to them for trying to make their cheap alcohol look expensive, but as the saying goes… looks can be deceiving!

And next… something a bit more spicey for your palate:

by student Genevieve Cote. I expressed my liking for triangular textures in the last packaging post (the flower packaging) and still feel the same… which is why I love these! Why have a boring square box when you can have a cute triangular one!? They fit together too 🙂

Ok, before you scroll down for this next one… first look at it from far away and then close up – ok?


This can design by Ramm is clever! First thoughts? It’s a woman’s crotch – dislike!
But then I looked at the details… the paved road, the men in walking to their jobs, the lights in the buildings, the smoke coming from the chimney, the misleading first impressions – I really like this because it makes you look twice, there’s no denying that!

Lintar is oil… ordinary, yes. But I like the use of 1 fluid line which reminds me of oil leaking. I also like the colours – the creamy greeny colour is calming? It just ooooooozes niceness?

And lastly, something that made me smile – another clever one!

What do you think of if I say DIY tools? Orange and black? Yellow and Black? Elephants, Goats, Crocodiles? No, I didn’t think so! But look at these…



‘Knack’ is the work of Marc Monguilod… another student – I’m glad that students are getting publicity and J’adore it 🙂
There are more in the series but these were my faves. View the rest here

Let me know if you smiled at this too – just comment with 🙂 – do it!!

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