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Aled says Shwmae

I posted late Thursday evening announcing that I had bought a camera… and he arrived today!

Meet Aled:

He says Shwmae (Welsh for Hello) in a small voice

He’s still a bit shy (hence why he has his head down) but we will get to know each other a bit better soon 🙂

He travelled all the way from Wales to come and live with me, so that is why he is called Aled ( it was between Aled, Gerwyn and Lloyd)

I’m REALLY pleased… he is amazing!

I ran down the stairs basically naked (putting my dressing gown on along the way) to stop the postwoman from leaving one of those ‘We called…’ notes and then played about with him this morning! I have a lot to learn about him… but I am REALLY excited and can’t wait!

Oh and no scratches or anything btw – ebay has done me proud, he is perfect (so far)

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