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Multidisciplinary Project – Leisure. Thinking Part 2

Carrying on from part 1… I am thinking about some Graphic representations of gamblings sayings ‘Cheap thrills, only 2p’ or some old fashioned fairground cries… ‘Roll up, Roll up’, ‘Prize everytime’

That crazy, colourful, word art style typography which reminds me of the fair, the circus and the seaside all rolled into one…

That last picture of the carousel – It’s so hideous and hard to read!! Euk! But it is typical typography of a fairground ride!

I like the Victorian/Georgian style beach image… with the stripey beach huts and the smartly dressed Charlie Chaplin tributes.

I took some Photographs on Wednesday when I went to Norfolk’s very own Blackpool – Hunstanton (or Sunny Hunny to the locals) beach for a friend’s birthday…



… just not sure what to do with them now haha

I really like the fairground lights… might do something with them? Any suggestions?

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