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Multidisclipnary Project - Leisure: Making Part 2 - graphique fantastique

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Multidisclipnary Project – Leisure: Making Part 2

It’s been a whole month today since I posted – oh how I have missed blogging! (Not really… I’ve been doing my FMP journal online everyday, but it’s still not the same – I can’t really ramble on like I can here!)

I thought I would put you out of your misery, as my last post asked a question:

‘What can you make with…..
…A Morrison’s Value mixing bowl
A metre of green ribbon
An A1 sheet of green card
An A4 sheet of red paper
A black polystyrene pizza packaging tray
A metre of white cotton material
and A Poundland Solar Panel Garden Post Light? (which I got I.D.ed for because apparently it could be used as a weapon so you need to be 21 to buy it – so my mum had to buy it!)’

Well, you can make a lot of things really! But I chose to make a hat and a scarf!

The Hat:

One for showing off at the Royal Ascot… it’s weird and a bit crazy… it’s a Roulette wheel on top of your head! 🙂

It took a lot of glue gunning, but I’m happy with the result 🙂

I made the middle ‘ornament’ from blue tack covered in tinfoil ontop of half of the solar light. I covered a bead in tinfoil to make the ball, which can spin round in the lid from a rewritable CD case.

I love how the stripe reflect in the solar light 🙂

I admit, I used tipex for the numbers but it actually worked quite well! (Matching nail varnish too!)

Getting there slowly…

Complete with card suit print lining (I did the middle part too)

I haven’t got a photo of the complete thing yet… I’m hoping to take some decent ones in the photography studio but not sure this is gonna happen because apparently it’s booked up to its eyeballs, so we shall see – keep watching!

The scarf:

This isn’t finished yet…

I clipped it over the top of a water tray and used watercolour paints to form large patches of colour which could easily blend into each other ( clipped it over the water tray so that the material would soak up some water and help the colour to spread)

Then I squidged it up so the colour would spread to all areas

Then I wringed it out and left it to dry..

.. and here’s what the colour turned out like!

 A pastel wishy washy colour – pretty much how I wanted it!

I need to draw the patten on now, which is gonna take ages because it’s a pretty big piece of material!

More to come… I still have a 3rd piece from this unit to show 🙂

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