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Multidisciplinary Project – Leisure: Making Part 3

The last part of the multidisciplinary project – finally!

I chose to do some stamps because they are important in travel and leisure

I kept with the gambling/seaside theme and created a fruit machine inspired design from lino

Here is the first of the series – 3 pairs (unusual as usually 2 is a pair!)

I was glad to get to do some more linocutting before the end of the year – as I have said before, I love it 🙂

Here are the first prints :

I chose green as I associate it with gambling and money but thought it looked a bit boring…

So I added some yellow and it mixed in with the green and created a nice effect (or so I think anyway)

Pleased with the result, I carved my next two designs into lino…

3 cherries… don’t ask me what the pay out is though!

and 3 ice creams – there had to be some kind of twist!

I continued the theme of using green for the border and another colour for the object…

I’m quite pleased with how they came out – what do you think?

I cropped them down a bit so you can get a better idea of how they would look…

I think I might have to scan them into photoshop and edit the colour of the borders so they are all the same shade of green maybe?

Otherwise I am happy!

I have some other developments on the scarf – I have pencilled the pattern on! It took like 3 hours! And I’ve got to do it in pen now- wish me luck because I have a feeling the pen is going to run out on me!

Also, today I have taken some pictures of the hat in situ, but I am still editing them (I am the model so it might take a while) so if you’re interested keep checking back and I will put them up soon hopefully 🙂

Comments welcome as always!

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