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Art & Design Department Exhibition Evening

Thursday 17th June at 7.15pm the College of West Anglia 2010 Art & Design exhibition was declared open!

This week has been so hectic.

I’ve been painting the exhibition space…

… I’ve been panicking about filling my exhibition boards….

…. and I’ve been happy to pose infront of the finished work at the exhibition night! 

This week has been tiring and a lot of hard work, but has been rewarding, and not only because I got to see all the hard work put to good effect at the exhibition. This week I have won 2 awards – Graphics Student of the Year 2010 (already blogged about here) and also I won another award at the exhibition open evening for Contribution to Student Community!! (well I think that was what it was called anyway) so basically for being helpful and friendly to everyone- what can I say? I try 🙂 This was voted for by all of the tutors in the Art & Design department, so a real honour for me to be chosen as the winner. As a prize/punishment I got to go up on stage and collect a MASSIVE bouquet of flowers… it is nearly as big as me and has taken up 3 of my mums vases, aswell as a voucher for WHSmiths which I’m going to spend on a Graphic Design book! So thankyou to all of the tutors 🙂

The exhibition was actually pretty busy, and I stood and watched a few people discuss my work… couldn’t get close enough to hear comments but they weren’t scrunching their noses up so I think that’s a good sign? I also got the chance to have a look at all of the other exhibition spaces and everyone exhibited some really nice work so well done!

I also happened to notice that in the corridor some of our Movie posters were on display!

So that was a nice surprise!

Overall the exhibition night was a great experience, topped off with a drinking session at Stuart House Hotel where we had a giggle with our slightly drunken tutors… who were ‘only being silly’! There were some SO funny/weird/perverted conversations going on and some great quotes which I will remember for a while to come 🙂

I’m really going to miss the college… I haven’t left yet; results are next friday, but I only have to go in Tuesday to look after the exhibition otherwise.

If you didn’t get a chance to come have a look around the exhibition open evening then do not fear as it is open during the week:

10am – 4pm  Mon -Fri
10am – 1pm Sat
Closed Sun

Pop along! 🙂

I know I still haven’t posted my FMP, so as I am now going to be bored because I have no work to do I will be able to get around to doing that this weekend! Yay!

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