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I haven’t posted in ages, which is a surprise even to myself seeing as it is summer and I am bored out of my mind!

I have been keeping semi-sane by volunteering at a charity shop and I can honestly say I LOVE it! My plan was to volunteer to pass some time and get experience in retail so that the next time a job comes up in River Island etc I am in the running, but I absolutely love working in the charity shop – if only I was getting paid!

But anyway, I am EXTREMELY excited for Uni in September and have been doing the typical student thing of scouting shops for kitchen stuff at bargain prices. I have also been trying to keep inspired by clicking through projects on behance and reading more blogs. I have quite a few J’adore posts planned because of this but it has been the past hour that I have spent reading David Airey’s blog which has really awaken the butterflies in my tummy.

It started off with me browsing the tag surfer here on wordpress, finding a link to a post entitled ‘What Graphic Design schools are lacking’ by David Airey. I have been aware of David Airey for a while now, but have really been missing out by not reading his blog. Tonnes and tonnes of helpful posts with comments from real people – students and practioners of Graphic Design. I can’t believe I have been missing out on all of these pearls of wisdom! Anyway, despite some of the negative points, I am once again SO EXCITED about Graphic Design and what the future holds. If you know me personally, then you will know that I am motivated and ambitious – I don’t think I’m the best, but I aim to be the best I can, which hopefully I can now improve on thanks to David Airey’s blog of wisdom.

Anyway, just reading through all of the comments I found a link to another blog which tells an inspiring story.

Everyone hates spam. But how can you ignore empty Spam cans turning up to your office? You really can’t -what a genius idea! I now have 3 years to plan my weird and wonderful eye opener.

I am still working my way through David Airey’s blog, and I have subscribed so that I don’t miss anything in future! I 110% recommend it to any Graphic Design students out there… I have learnt so much in this past hour!

It’s rare for me to post purely words, but I don’t need to illustrate this post – you need to click the links! 🙂

Comment if you enjoy either of the links OR have your own pearls to help me!

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  • David Airey

    21/07/2010 at 9:16 pm

    Hi Tasha,

    Thanks very much for reading, and for subscribing, too. I hope everything goes well getting prepared for uni. Takes me back to when I was just starting my degree.

    Seems like a decade ago.

    Oh, wait.

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