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Poor show… I know

Yes… I know! Nearly a month since I last posted, oh dear!

I thought I would be posting loads this summer because I would be so bored but actually I have been quite busy! I have been doing quite a bit of volunteering and working a bit… aswell as catching up on TV lol

At the charity shop I have been given the job of creative director… of window displays! 🙂

So far I have sold 20 items from my window! Woo! Not bad going I think? I have to work with what’s in the shop and keep it to one main colour so it’s not amazingly visually exciting but really nice to have the responsibility! AND a lot of people have commented on how nice the windows look 🙂
Although I put things in the window because they look nice and I think they will sell, it is still a pain when people want to buy them – the mannequins are a nightmare! Every week I have a fight with them – I always win! Also people walk into the shop thinking that someone has passed out on the floor, bless them 🙂

In the evenings I have been reading Adrian Shaughnessy’s ‘How to be a Graphic Designer without losing your soul’. I got the book 2 years ago for Christmas, but have only just read it – oh dear! Anyway, it’s an interesting read and helpful… tips on interviews, porfolios, getting noticed and for later on in my career, setting up a studio (Although… I’m not sure if that is on my list of things to do yet)!

Oh and today my place at Uni was finally confirmed!! It was lucky I checked ucas, which said that I needed to send confirmation of my grades to the institution. I emailed the admissions lady and she said I needed to when I had been under the impression that the college would pass results along! Nevermind, 3 emails later and I now have a confirmed place at Lincoln 🙂 Ahead of the A Level results… I hope that gets me a bit further up the accomodation list Haha – I can hope anyway!

Back to blogging…. I have 16 designers/artists lined up for J’adore so I will be posting them soon!
I haven’t done any design work this summer really… which is quite bad but hopefully getting my summer project from Lincoln soon! I’m keeping the creative juices flowing by drooling at J’adore designers/artists so I am not going to be running dry in preparation for September!

Nothing else to declare now really… look out for the J’adore posts 🙂

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