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J’adore… OSC, Reading

OSC, Reading?

Let me explain… Oakford Social Club, Reading.

As many of you will know, last week/weekend was Reading Festival 2010! I have been to Reading Festival for 3 consecutive years now, but this year I did wonder if I was at Glastonbury instead – the mud was pretty bad!

Apparently I should have expected it to be muddy, ‘it’s all part of a festival’, but 2008 and 2009 were dry, sunny and lovely! Nevermind! Anyway I went to Reading the Wednesday (early bird ticket) and it rained basically all day and continued until Thursday evening so that’s the reason why it was so muddy! When the bands started Friday it perked up – a burst of sun!!!! and then the weather managed to hold up for the rest of the weekend luckily! However by this time my hair was a complete state from getting wet – it gets curly/frizzy! I looked a total mess when I met Kids In Glass Houses at the NME Signing tent with my friends Nadia and Sanna…

Ray Ban Crew (Mine are Primark of course)!

Sorry, I am kind of losing the point of this post!

OSC. Oakford Social Club.

What a wonderful place! Not only because they serve a great fry up when you’re fed up of noodles OR because they have a chaise lounge in the toilet!!!!, but because it has a great atmosphere and nice branding!
The place is quite heavily influenced by music, playing host to many gigs (including performances from the likes of… Adele, Everything Everything, Florence and the Machine, Friendly Fires, Hadouken and Jack Penate!) and more importantly art. There are flyers on the walls arranged randomly/nicely…

(Are they arranged nicely or am I just really in love with this place? haha)

…and a beautiful typographic menu!!

Luckily the guys (Khaleel, Katie and Jason) know I am a bit of a type geek and weren’t phased by me taking photos of the menu…

I love the whole branding of this place! I wanted to take one of the menus home… but I controlled myself! I have found a pdf version on their website anyway, so you can feast your eyes on it close up too!

I love the quirky-ness of this place… 🙂

This wall here is made up of what seemed to be photocopied illustrations just collaged ontop of each other (I had a good feel) and I love the photoframes!

On Sundays they have an ‘Art Market’. We didn’t know this, so when we walked in with the place full of canvases we was a bit puzzled. Basically they provide canvases and invite people to draw some art.  This is for charity; you can buy any of the canvases and you just pay what you think it’s worth! So you can buy your own or let it be displayed, in the hope someone else might buy it or buy one of the other canvases. There is no min or max value, so it just depends on how generous you are feeling really! 

Myself, Katie and Jason are creative types (Khaleel wasn’t allowed to contribute haha) so this was up our street! Katie started our canvas off with flowers and it just carried on from there…

Above is me attempting to draw!

And this is the finished article. A joint effort! I wonder if anyone will buy it…. who knows, it might be worth something when we are famous? haha


  • lestaret

    03/09/2010 at 11:01 pm

    Nutty – YOU ARE A TYPO NERD! and I love you for it!

    Great post – I hoe you are all readt for Lincoln…

    Take care,


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