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First Impressions

In true Cilla Black (Blind Date) style: What’s your name and where do you come from?

First impressions are really important… no matter what people say, they deffinitely judge you the first time they meet you. It’s unavoidable, so the best thing to do is make a good first impression. In terms of an interview, this means wear smart clothes, be polite and enthusiastic. In terms of the first project at University it means knock their socks off (rough translation).

We were sent a summer project entitled ‘The brand of me’. Basically we have to create 4 ‘visuals’ and then somehow combine them  to make a name badge. Doesn’t sound that bad, you say? It’s bloody hard! It’d be ok if I was amazingly interesting… but it’s hard to find yourself interesting? Haha You’re trying to portray your style, ability and personality in a badge that is 58mm across – tiny! I know they have made it such a small size to make it harder but urgh I hate trying to sell myself… and you have to impress your tutors and classmates. The first project is when the bench marks are set… who’s worth watching, who’s going to be in competition. Right now I wish it had been any other project… even a tshirt project (and I hate designing tshirts)!

We received the project around 20th August but honestly not a lot of progress has happened. Me and Dani spent a couple of hours in my flat kitchen the other night trying to brainstorm ideas but nothing really jumped out.

Just incase you don’t understand what’s going on here… It’s Dani and me in my flat kitchen panicking about having no ideas!

The project needs to be handed in Tuesday but we haven’t got lessons until Wednesday so I’m gathering it will be until then. I will let you know how I get on..

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