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J’adore… The Moustache

Today I chose to wear a top with a moustache on it, and it made me think; why do Graphic Designers like moustaches?

What is the fascination? They’re just the nasty hair on an old man/ladies upper lip? Surely they should be disgusting?

It’s not just me…

A Milton Glaser-esque tribute for Moustache lovers by Trevor Conrad!

Amaia Arrazola @ Behance

Ariana Nicolay @ Behance

ClubMedia @ Behance

Maybe Graphic Designers love moustaches because they are manly??

Sarah France @ Sarah France Blog

And if you’re not manly enough to grow one, you can drink with one….

Is this every Graphic Designers favourite Mr Men??

Miss Cherry @ Behance

Cortney Cassidy @ Behance

Andrey Grabelnikov @ Behance

Typestaches – AHA! The reason why Graphic Designers love moustaches so much maybe? Because they are like brackets aka typography! I found this poster here but it’s all in French, and although I love French I couldn’t make a lot of it out… however you can buy a Typestache poster here!

If you can’t afford the poster, nevermind – you can get your moustache fix through plasters instead!?

Anyway, I think the conclusion is that moustaches are cool! Brandon Flowers has one anyway… 🙂


  • lestaret

    07/10/2010 at 9:29 pm

    Hi Tasha. I think that you knew I would respond to this one…

    The ‘stache (coupled with the goatee) has long been the preferred facial fuzz of the creative types. The hair is not ‘nasty’ and and neither is it restricted to the old, as Mr.Flowers clearly demonstrates.

    The wearing of a moustache upon your t-shirt could be read as being highly suggestive, especially to an elderly ‘stache-sprouter’ like me…

    By the way, I am Mr. Cooper Black on the field guide…

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