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The Brand of Me: The First Impression

You know those nightmares you get when you have to stand up in front of class, talk and everything goes really wrong? You forget your name? You forget how to speak English? You sweat bucket amounts? You start getting a nervous twitch? You forget your work/An Albatross flies in through an open window and swoops down, pooing on you and stealing your work at the same time? Your clothes disappear and suddenly you are naked? A big green bogey has been hanging from your nose the whole time? And then you break into tears? And run out of the classroom, tripping over 12 times along the way?

Well thankfully none of the above happened to me. However, I did speak really, really fast and put maybe a bit too much enthusiasm into it and have possibly now helped everyone in my class to come to the conclusion that I am a massive weirdo. (BTW If you are in my class and my presentation didn’t make you think I’m a weirdo but just enthusiastic, do feel free to leave a comment and reassure me)

I am just passionate about Graphics, what can I say? All (good?) Graphic Designers go mad in the end… I am just starting early! Lets face it, we are massive geeks! I’m not afraid to admit it, just afraid that the people I am working with for the next 3 years think I am insane! Oh and as if I couldn’t make it any worse… I volunteered to be class rep too. Just call me Hermione!? But I don’t really care/mind… I loved being class rep at college! So forgive me for being enthusiastic and a bit geeky? Here is a picture of me, dressed as a geek for the School Disco night…

I think I pull it off quite well?

After everyone had presented we were told to polish our designs a bit more… extra time = second chance to impress!?

SOMEBODY(aka moi) did her designs in pencil so when it came to showing everyone it.. they couldn’t see it, so I showed them the main elements:


and patterns:

Today is my ‘Study day’ so I will be tackling this pencil problem amongst all of the other tasks we have been set (Hand dawn type and other random bits and bobs).

But apart from seemingly basically branding myself as a weirdo, everything is good here up North (in the Midlands) and I love Lincoln!

Oh and P.S. my aspirations are to win a D&AD Yellow Pencil. Goodnight!

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  • Christie

    05/10/2010 at 9:05 pm

    I think your just enthusiastic about Graphics, but geeky is good and you seem to pull it off well! 😀 (even if you’re class mates might think you’re weird, who cares lol) Glad you’re enjoying uni. xx

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