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Pencil, pencil crayons, fine liners, felt tips, paint, collage and 4 hours to produce 100 different variations of teapots or skulls. It felt a bit like the Mad Hatter’s tea party…. the majority of people chose teapots, including me! 100 drawings sounds ALOT but it was ok up until about 60; that’s when I started to get stuck for ideas.

There were sooooo many good ideas/pages – from pumpkin teapots to typographic teapots, and even Prince Charles saying ‘Mmm Tea’. Oh and also some really good skulls too I need to add 🙂

Also something else tea related today; I got some FREE toast from the canteen! Buy a large cup of tea (85p) and get free toast (worth 70p) – gotta love Deal of the week!

Anyway, back to work… mine are the two sheets at the top right here (on top of each other)…

As I’m not really much of a fine artist/illustrator/think I can’t draw/can draw but I’m really slow and indecisive I did panic about drawing 100 teapots! I really need to practice drawing and scribbling more. I enjoyed  the more figure and ground/collage/3D approach….

I managed to complete 102 teapots in the 4 hours so I have saved myself from homework 🙂 Pat on the back for me! I’ve got plenty of other stuff to be getting on with anyway….!

Next week we are looking at old film posters, which reminds me of a project I did at college back in March.

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