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Three words

Visual Expression task 1 involves 3 words:

Strong. Practical. High-Tech.

Everyone in my class was given 3 words to work with, and I think I got lucky? The first task was to create 2 A2 visual moodboards which incorporated all 3 words. We were given a list of specific things to put our words to: an animal, a famous person, 2 materials, a building style, 2 colours, an alcoholic drink/brand, 2 typefaces, a culinary dish, 2 styles of clothing, an album cover and 2 consumer electronic products. At least.

When creating my moodboards I was able to relate all of my words together… e.g. Metal is strong, practical and high tech.

Others in the group had some odd combinations:
Powerful, aggressive, minimal.
Reliable, Rugged, Adaptable.
Comfort, Energy, Durability.
Formal, Luxurious, Elegant.

Next, we had to think about typefaces which would match the 3 characteristics. We practised observational hand drawn type and as ‘homework’ had to draw 5 letters in fonts that matched our characteristics at A3 size.

The typefaces I chose were: OCR-A(D), Futura (N), Renee Display (e), Helvetica (e) and Gill Sans Ultra Bold(X).

As you can see, my marker started running out but I tried to make a feature of it… I like the X but not really the e.
We turned up early to pin them to the boards in preparation for class. Here is a section of the wall…

Work Credit: Helen Finlinson, Moi, Sunjay Morar, James Robins and Tom Heaps.

After a critique of observations and questions we were set the project!

Motor Badges. Yes. Car badges. You know, the writing on the back of the car – the name. I’ll admit, not my favourite project ever but I’ll give it my best!

My ‘car’ is actually a Lorry. We were given a vehicle to design the badge for, co-inciding with our moodboards:

‘The new DAF Wagontrain Loadmaster iQ lorry represents the ultimate in technologically advanced goods vehicles. A true road going workhorse, the Wagontrain can lift and convey even the largest goods loads thanks to it’s intuitive and highly practical on board stowage system.’

After a quick visit to google, I have established that this is a made up model… but also I’m just thinking that it’s a really long name for a lorry. The badges go on the front and the names seem to be very short in comparison to my challenge!

The challenge is to produce 80(EEEEEK – although today I did draw over 100 teapots, but more about that later) different logo designs by next Thursday using a variety of:

So yes, we’re being broken into the course gently….

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  • beth

    08/10/2010 at 10:15 pm

    Holy shit, that project seems hard! 80 logo designs, thats crazy!

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