10,000 on 10.10.10?


Just seen someone point out that it’s 10.10.10 today and it reminded me that I’m nearly at 10,000 views! October has been a great month for views already… 454 views in 10 days! That is AMAZING!  That’s more views than I had for the whole of July this year haha So really, thanks to whoever is reading – it makes me happy 🙂

BUT I have a challenge on my hands…. I need 101 views today to complete 10,000 on 10.10.10. It’s not impossible – on Tuesday I had 118 views in one day! So help me out? Have a nosy around… explore the J’adore artists… comment!

Today I am undertaking the challenge of 80 car badge names so keep checking back because I will post some progress later!

Remember… it’s 10.10 and i need 101 for 10,000 on 10.10.10 – all the 1 & 0s 🙂

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